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PDF Merge is a simple user-friendly application that allows you to merge multiple PDF documents including scanned / imported documents and images into 1 PDF.

About this Project

PDF Merge was created in my spare time to assist a family member of mine, who needed the ability to create PDF documents and merge them in specific order as a combined PDF document for a work requirement. There are many PDF tools out there but this one was built out of specific requirements and ease of use

I have only tested and validated that it works on Windows 7, the WIA library 2.0 is required for scanning functionality

I decided to share this code / solution for anyone else to use since most of the core work is done from the "iText" open source library and as such distributing this under the terms of the AGPL

Usage / Features
  1. Easily display the documents and simple information (1st page size in inches, number of pages, file path
  2. Easy to use interface for moving the merge order, removing from queue, or viewing PDF documents from queue
  3. Import multiple PDF documents and merge them in user defined order
  4. Drag `n` drop images or PDF docs into the application
  5. Import images / documents from WIA compatible sources (camera, scanners) and turn them into PDF documents
  6. Rotate imported images before converting them to PDF documents

Requirements / Libraries
  • .NET Framework 4.0 Client* (should be able to recompile in other versions)
  • WIA (Microsoft Windows Acquisition Library 2.0) [only for importing images into PDF]
  • iTextSharp library (deployed with application)

  • No functionality to resize or change the dimensions of the PDF document or existing documents
  • Not able to change the order of PDF documents with multiple pages (PDF docs are merged as whole files vs. individual pages)
  • Not useful for anything other than merging existing PDF documents
  • I'm not going to lie... I have no idea how to properly convert from pixels to inches. I got the code to work by starting with a 8.5" x 11" PDF document and image and calculating the number to divide based off the the resolution and pixel width, & height

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